Mojee Story

About the Designer

Mojee has been handpicking the highest quality materials and designing one-of-a-kind jewelry for more than a decade. All of her designs are created with great love and conscious intention - a mixture of what is stunning to the eye and uplifting to the spirit.

Inspired by her deep connection to mother nature, each treasure is made entirely by hand in one-of-a-kind, limited editions. Handcrafted and infused with rare and luxurious embellishments.

 "We create whatever our mind conceives and believes. The highest energy is in every single one of us, but we've forgotten that because of this layer of our mind's conditioning. Somehow those sacred objects in our life such as Crystals keeps reminding us that this power of self healing and transition exists, and allows us to seek for that highest energy, and it puts us in a positive state of mind and spirit. My intention behind creating every single one of these hats is to bring you back to your pure awareness." ~ Mojee