Each piece is one of a kind, and many of them are designed for a particular client, Shokri says, which means she has a different muse for each. "I try to feel the style and fashion inside [my client], and I make something just for her," she says of her customers, who include both the Washington society set and their fashion-forward daughters. A designer just starting out in 2006 has to knock on doors -- literally, Shokri says. When she began, she homed in on the Keith Lippert Gallery in Georgetown, known for its collection of high-end but unstuffy jewelry, as a perfect venue for her pieces. "I loved the store, and so one day I just showed up with my things," she says. Now, the gallery regularly sells out of her work.

Signature Style:Shokri's statement-y tassel necklace, above, features moonstones, faceted citrines and mixed-metal accents. $1,980 at Keith Lippert Gallery, M St. NW, Washington DC.


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